• What we do

    Our goal is to offer you Big Online Businesses right into the palm of your hands. We do this by creating real and very professional Turnkey PHP Scripts for starting your own ecommerce business.

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  • Monetize Fast

    You’ll be able to monetize our social ecommerce solutions very fast. Most of our PHP scripts have a ROI of just a few months. All because of it’s highly viral features for you And your customers.

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  • Unique Scripts

    We watch constantly what is happening in the social ecommerce market, analyze big business and combine their successes into our PHP script features.

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Why you should buy our PHP scripts fast ..

  • Did you ever wonder why so many webshops simply are not working? Why a lot of merchant simply give up, cause they are lost on how to get visitors to their webshop? Here is their wake up call:

    They are on Facebook and Twitter! Nowadays people are spending far more time on Facebook and Twitter than regular internet. So shouldn’t it be logical they have their business there too? Ofcourse it is! So now you can offer this possibility to all those merchants offering them an out of the box social commerce solution by starting their Facebook shop.

  • Sarting a webshop isn’t a core business of a merchant. Also the know how is not always available for a merchant to start selling products online. Who to go for? Which techniques to use, what about online payments, how to I present my products the best way? All questions merchants have and keep them from starting a webshop. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could help them with an out of the box solution?

    Now there is, you! Offer an online advanced and professional webshop service with our turnkey shopping service script ShopiFast. Enter the market of hosted webshop service, knowing 5/10 merchant to not have a webshop, but really want it and need it.

  • 5 Star rated

    • They are improved existing Big Online Businesses
    • They have all features you need, so no extra coding needed
    • They look superb
    • They work superb
    • They can be single man controlled
  • General requirements

    • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) hosting
    • PHP Version greater than or equal to 5.4.21
    • Short_open_tag in phpini must be enabled
    • Register_globals in phpini must be set to no
    • Gd2 in phpini must be enabled
    • Https
    • Safe_mode in phpini must be set to no
    • Mod_security must be disabled
    • allow_url_fopen
    • upload_max_filesize must be greater than or equal to 20MB
    • Webhosting supporting MySQL
    • Webhosting supporting  Cronjobs
    • Webhosting with Ioncube loader installed
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